The Perfect Resume for your New Job!

So, picture this: You’re sitting in your office, contemplating over and over how much disdain you have for your job….or better yet, you’re looking for new opportunities where there’s more room for advancement than your current job.  And then it hits you…”I haven’t updated my resume in years!”

What should you do?  What should you say?  You mull over everything you’ve been doing at your current job and everything you WANT to do at your next one, but how do you put it into words?  How do you make your resume appeal to the job you want and not the one you have?  Spend some time considering what you want and go for it!

What I mean when I say that is, gear your resume towards the job you desire.  For example, I had a candidate that wanted to be a web developer.  She had been freelancing for a few years and just recently graduated with her Bachelor’s.  She had only worked a receptionist role but told me, “Kristynna, Web Development is my True Passion!”  Her resume had her other random jobs on it, nothing dealing with her web background, and she was confused as to why no one was hiring her. After critiquing her resume, I told her why: “No one wants a waitress/web developer, they want a web developer.”  We went through and transitioned her entire resume.  We left off the positions that didn’t make sense and replaced it with what she’s done with web development.  And then!  She told me she had a website….I said “What!”  Not only was the website awesome, she hadn’t been including it in her current resume.  She was missing so many opportunities because her resume had nothing to do with what she wanted, only with what she had previously accomplished.

Now, by no means am I saying go out and fabricate your resume with skills you don’t have to get jobs you don’t qualify for.  What I am saying is if you have the skills, make sure you’re expressing them in your resume.  Don’t sugarcoat the truth, and don’t lie.  Be honest about what you’ve done and what you’re capable of doing.  Bill Dueease says that there are 9 important secrets to getting the job you really want.  My two favorite secrets are:  Research the Companies You Want to Work for and Get Support from Somebody Who Knows the Process.  By working with people who are familiar with what you’re trying to get into (i.e.-recruiters, family, friends, colleagues, etc) you identify ways that you can overcome obstacles and work towards your goals.  It’s never ever too late to change the direction of your career goals.  You are the only one that can impact your destiny.  You just have to take the necessary steps to do so.

This entry written by Kristynna Smith!


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