What Motivates You?

Figuring out what’s most important to you professionally and what complements your current life style can be a tough task.  So taking a moment to sit down and really think about what is most important to you can be extremely beneficial in making that difficult decision.  We all have different motivating or important factors to consider when making career decisions or choosing the right employer.  At Ashley Ellis we take the time to discuss with our candidates what’s most important to them going forward.  In fact, we even have them personally rank those motivating or important factors in order of importance.  This is beneficial in helping us match our candidates in finding their dream IT jobs and assisting our clients in finding ideal candidates that fit their team.  Below you can find a list of the most common important factors we discuss with our candidates so we can make that perfect match!


For some of us out there the opportunity to go to work and get paid well for it is most important.  I would think most of us would agree it’s nice to get compensated for all your hard work?  Right?


The opportunity to enjoy great employee benefits can be very important to most.  Most organizations understand this and try to gain an advantage on their competitors by offering superior employee benefits.

The Technology You Use

Being able to come to work everyday and work with something that you truly believe in, are comfortable with and enjoy using can be highly motivating.


Sometimes just being close to home or not having to relocate for a new opportunity can be important.

Work Environment or Culture

Coming to work and having that feeling of that you fit in with your team can be important.  Or maybe you just enjoy the company culture and how the day to day operations are implemented?


We are all different and what’s most important to one person could have little significance on another.  So take the time to think about what drives you as an individual when deciding on that next career move or choosing the right employer.  It might make that difficult decision not seem so complicated anymore?

Let us know what motivates you?!?

This entry by Jordan Howard


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