Improving your resume and you

Getting a job is hard! Can you believe I didn’t think that a year ago?  I should have known, because I ran a special charity for my friends. I helped them write their resumes. I explained what a reference was and who might be able to give good ones. I told them to go to career day. I even prepped someone for a job interview! Six months later I was prepping real candidates, interviewing strangers and reading resumes at Ashley Ellis. Back in college, I did not realize I was technically “recruiting” for my friends. Most say I found the best career for me. It’s true!  I like matching people with jobs. I even like reading resumes!  I have noticed people have many unique ideas as to what a resume actually is supposed to say. Your resume should be direct and minimalistic. Here are a few tips to improving your resume and you!

Your resume may not be the deal breaker, but it is your first impression. If you can win there you are halfway to the interview and half way to closing! Your resume needs to look clean. Do not pollute valuable information with extra words, fancy borders, or unique fonts. The more concise you are the better your chances of reaching someone. You have value! Show it by looking professional. Your first paragraph should give the most value. For IT professionals, your best technologies and the amount of years you spent using them is absolutely vital. Hiring managers want honesty; they do not want to see JAVA when you only used it ten years ago for a project in college. You will be tested! At the same time, you should show off! (Without being ridiculous). Hiring managers want to know what you can do; never hold back. If you can include examples of your work or a short description you can show off your most marketable qualities.

Having a great resume is really important when you are on the job hunt. However, thinking outside of the box can definitely help your chances. Always look for new ways to improve your skills. Find out what your greatest weakness is as a professional. If you have bad communication skills find literature that helps or practice mock interviews with family. Find creative ways to get your name out there! Using LinkedIn and Social Media sites for advice is always helpful. Even writing specialized cover letters can help you stand out among everyone else. Hope this helps! Have a great week!

By Spencer Hill



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