Company Culture: How important is the cultural fit?

Nowadays, more and more companies are putting an emphasis on matching personalities to company culture. Not only do you need the skills to do the job, but you have to have a similar personality and moral code to the company and employees who work there. Personalities that fit with a company culture will want to stay there long term. Employees with similar backgrounds are more likely to be happier and more productive.


In some extreme cases, a person with the right personality, who is missing one or two necessary skills, can even negotiate his or her way into a job without an official opening.  As a general rule, employers don’t create new positions for someone without being a perfect cultural fit. Employers look for a dedicated work ethic, professional temperaments, self-motivation and enjoyable attitudes. Also, fitting with their direct supervisor brings immense value and enhances their way of doing business.


Companies have really been focusing on the cultural aspect when looking for candidates. Because of this, they are going to retain those lasting employees and inevitably produce the best product possible.


Written by Samantha Dillin



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